Mobile Testing

Mobile technology is ubiquitous, and the end customer demands nothing less than perfect performance – regardless of where they use it.To ensure that we can deliver it, testing mobile technology presents unique problems, such as frequent but short usage patterns, limited screen sizes and memory, device fragmentation, and, of course, a rapid pace of innovation. Tech Field mobile app testing takes on these challenges. It’s why many of the mobile industry’s top companies rely on Tech Field to make sure their network service, mobile devices and mobile apps work great – and look great – from New York to Tokyo.

Being a QA Testing company and when it comes to mobile testing services, we have built our niche in testing applications that need to be supported on various devices and operating systems. We specialize specifically in testing applications on Android and iOS devices. In addition, s also test for all types of mobile applications – be it native, web or hybrid including an optimized test automation approach that accommodates a single test suite both on the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Our mobile devices testing scope includes smart phones, e-readers, tablets, PDAs, notebooks as some of the major categories. With these evolving devices and underlying technology, we strive to bring in our specialized test and domain knowledge to test applications and content on devices. Our frameworks empower us to extend additional test coverage for applications built with latest mobile and web technologies including HTML 5, CSS 3.

Some major categories here include:

  • Testing for Banking, Financial and Insurance specific applications on smart phones covering functionality, performance, security, usability.
  • Testing for learning content on e-readers touching upon areas such as functionality, performance, usability, accessibility, instructional design.
  • Testing enterprise level deployment of devices (e.g. e-readers or notebooks in large scale deployments such as governmental organizations) and associated applications primarily focusing on functionality, performance, security.
  • Testing common end user applications (in domains such as retail, media, gaming) on devices such as smart phones, e-readers focusing on functionality, performance, usability, accessibility.

The Tech Field Mobile testing approach includes plans for the following types of testing:

  • Functional Testing.
  • API Testing – Server and Client.
  • Single user Application Performance Testing.
  • Load/Performance Testing – A separate Test Plan is being prepared for this.
  • Operational Readiness Testing.