Video Testing

In the world of video engineering, notable advances have occurred in nearly every aspect of video technology. There is increasing demand for options to consume content anywhere anytime. The video delivery world has transitioned from traditional broadcast approach to delivering video over IP to multiple devices from set top boxes to mobile devices. From delivering video over established cable/satellite networks to IP video delivery, video quality has become increasingly important for companies to remain competetive in the market.

Tech Field has positioned itself as one of the top system integrators in the video delivery, media and entertainment space. Video Engineering practice @ Tech Field leads the way in building customized solutions to validate the Quality of Service (QoS) of video delivery networks and Quality of Experience (QoE) of services offered by video delivery companies. Tech Field video testing landscape includes an intergrated portfolio of testing services across video content life cycle and devices. Our video testing scope includes testing and automation solutions for video transformation subsystem (satellite recievers, encoders, transcoders), video delivery subsystem (infrastructure components), operational components such as OSS/BSS and client devices from STBs to iOS/Android/Gaming devices.

Video test automation is another key accelerator provided by DTCS. We leverage our expertise on diversified test and automation tools such as Witbe, StormTest, JDSU, Tektronics, NI and Ineoquest available in the market to build customized test and automation solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients and deliver value throughout the video delivery lifecycle. We also leaverage our OpenSourcism mindset to leaverage open source tools and techniques that go well with agile methodology to address our client testing needs. The open source automation solutions and frameworks spawn from automation of video plane testing to control plane testing of traditional and multiscreen video delivery solutions.